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Saturday 7 April
Academiegebouw Utrecht

  • How to fix the future?
  • Can you survive post-truth?
  • What is the future of feminism?
  • Can we save democracy?

Welcome to A Struggle For Peace

A conference about the boundaries of knowledge, identity, and power

On the 7th of April the Dutch United Nations Student Association Utrecht (DUNSA or SIB-Utrecht) organizes the fourth edition of the conference ‘A Struggle for Peace’. Like previous editions this conference is focused on current challenges in the world. The theme concerns ‘boundaries’: boundaries of knowledge, identity and power, because these aspects constitute the building blocks of both conflict and peace processes. With a framework of boundaries we hope to provide insights and create awareness about current conflict situations, peace and the conditions for this, through a versatility of nuanced perspectives. The conference has a broad variety of program parts, speakers and subjects. Do you want to read further about the boundaries of knowledge, identity and power?

Our speakers:

Lilianne ploumen

Lilianne Ploumen

Former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and member of the Dutch parliament.
Eliot higgins

Eliot Higgins

Founder of the investigative search network Bellingcat and investigated the MH17 crash and the Syrian civil war, among others.

Jessa Crispin

The author of Why I am not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto. In this work she critizises contemporary feminism.
Paul schnabel

Paul Schnabel

Sociologist, member of the Dutch Senate and long-time head of the Social and Cultural Planning Office.

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